Monday, August 31, 2015

OVN's Top 5 Blue-Green Algae Recipes Will Make Your Mouth Water

To the delight of many local food connoisseurs, blue-green algae has been popping up all over Monroe County! We decided to gather up the best chefs in the Ohio Valley to share their favorite recipes.

"I don't really think you're supposed to eat that," said Jeff Watkins of Wheeling's Avenue Eats.

"Isn't that stuff dangerous?" Ye Olde Alpha's Laura Parker asked.

Well to hell with Avenue Eats! Who needs Ye Olde Alpha? You can make these five delectable treats right in your own kitchen!

1. Blue-green Cake

7 quail eggs
2 cups of flower
1 cup of blue-green algae
3 teaspoons of baking soda
1 scoop of butter

This is the perfect birthday cake for that special someone whose favorite color just happens to be blue-green! Make sure you get the right kind of flowers for the occasion, we found that daffodils work the best. Dump all the ingredients into a large bowl and cook it in the oven for as long as you like. Do you like your cake soupy? Leave it in for 5 minutes. Crispy? Let that masterpiece go for five hours!

2. Blue-green Chai Tea

Lots of blue-green algae
A bunch of cloves
Some ginger
A few bags of black tea
A lot of cinnamon
5 shakes of nutmeg
10 oz. of cardamom

This one's a personal favorite. Great for those last few days of summer down by the Ohio River, blue-green chai has been a local staple for over eight months. The best part of drinking it happens the day after. When you wake up the next morning, you'll glow a nice shade of blue-green just like your favorite ingredient!

3. Blue-green Pizza

Blue-green algae
Blue-green blue cheese
Blue peppers
Blue bread
Blue pepperoni

We're not exactly sure where to find blue bread and pepperoni anymore, but check the farmers market in St. Clairsville. This delicious dinner will turn anyone into a fan of blue-green algae. The only downside? A slight rash will appear but it will be totally worth it!

4. Blue-green ice cream

Ice cream
Blue-green algae

This one's pretty simple, so it'll be pretty easy if you've never cooked anything before. All you need to do is gather up some blue-green algae (send your kids to get it, you'll thank us later) and some ice cream. Toss all that stuff in the blender and you'll have a tasty desert to go with your blue-green pizza and chai tea!

5. Pure Blue-green algae

Blue-green algae
Blue-green algae
Blue-green algae
Blue-green algae
Blue-green algae
Blue-green algae

Let's be real here, the best way to consume blue-green algae is to just suck it up and eat the stuff. It's probably the greatest flavor of all time. We're pretty sure that Nicki Minaj didn't write that song for no reason. Do yourself a favor and pay a visit to Sardis or Clarington to gather up the valley's finest food before those pesky rascals from the Department of Health and the Department of Natural Resources eradicate it.

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