OVN Local Medley

Issue #3

  • Road crews are cleaning up on Route 2 in Brooke County after a Water Transport truck spilled water all over the road.
  • Sistersville Mayor Dave Fox is resigning from office, saying he can't deal with the boredom any longer.
  • Hopedale Elementary school was evacuated today after a bomb threat written in crayon was found in a restroom.

Issue #2

  • Authorities in Bellaire say that Misty Rivero may have just saved an elementary school from tragedy. Rivero says that when she was dropping off her daughter, she noticed a Muslim man walking down the street. Rivero quickly called police and the man was arrested.
  • The Boy Scouts of America hosted their annual Pinewood Derby at the Fort Steuben Mall last Saturday. 9 time winner Eagle Scout Dennis Douglas is now under investigation for using performance enhancing drugs.
  • A homicide investigation has been opened in Tuscarawas County after police found a man's body in Conotton Creek. No hard evidence has been recovered yet but police did bring in a 25 pound carp for questioning.

Issue #1

  • Kevin Strope, 53, of Cameron pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges after many of his cows died from malnourishment. Judge Mark Karl decided against banning Strope from owning cows. His privileges will instead be suspended for 80 years, allowing him to own cows again when he breaks the old age record at 133.
  • A 2 year-old girl who went missing from Preston County, WV was reportedly found safe at the Washington County shopping center in Pennsylvania. According to reports, the girl was missing for half an hour when police found her with her babysitter at the mall. The girl's mother called police after the babysitter didn't answer the phone when she was at work.

    • A string of burglaries continued in Newell, WV this week. Police say that vandals broke in to the abandoned concession stand at Newell Memorial Field. Residents were outraged to learn that the thieves stole a bag of chips fifteen years past expiration.

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