Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My Little Pony Painted Over Dean Martin Mural Sparks Outrage

STEUBENVILLE - Hundreds of college students gathered on Hollywood Boulevard today to protest a new mural in Steubenville. The target of the outrage is a painting of the popular children's show My Little Pony that replaced the image of Steubenville native Dean Martin. The mural's painter, Randy Weaver, said that the artwork was meant to signal a changing of the times.

Dean Martin Mural"Our little corner of the world has been stuck in the past for a long time," Weaver said. "We sort of felt that it was time to move on. Dean Martin is the past, My Little Pony is the now."

However, some students at Franciscan University felt otherwise.

"Dean Martin is still very relevant in our culture," said James Ellison, a computer science major. "That's Amore is basically the theme song of my life."

The students were joined by a small number of older Steubenville residents as well, albeit for slightly different reasons.

"They absolutely messed up Baby Heart Throb's mane," said longtime Steubenville resident David Stone. "Look at the colors they used. It's a disgrace to My Little Pony."

The change in artwork was largely supported around town, despite the fierce opposition from the younger age group.

"College kids will protest literally anything," said Dave Koresh, a local cat behavior consultant. "Last week those kids were protesting the Steubenville Cat Festival because of the dander cloud that blocked out the sun."

Koresh said that he enjoys the new theme, and hopes to see more murals like it.

"Honestly, it's a masterpiece," he said. "I hope the Market Street mural goes next. We've been trying to get Garfield painted over it since I was young."

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