Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ohio Valley News Purchased by Brad Paisley

OVN HEADQUARTERS -- After over 100 years of independently bringing the worst news to the Wheeling-Steubenville area, Ohio Valley News has been bought out by BNN, the Brad Paisley News Network.

BNN has provided the world with quality news for nearly two weeks. Stuff in the News with Brad Paisley has been a trusted source in the media world for the network's entire existence.

Another quality program offered by BNN is Do-Rags & Red Flags, with LL Cool J, an inspirational news channel bringing together the diverse races across the Valley.

Ohio Valley News will continue to bring you the best fake news in the future, the only difference is that from now on, all featured articles will be written, edited and produced by Brad Paisley himself. The current OVN staff will stay on the payroll, but our role has been reduced to playing Twister for Mr. Paisley's amusement.

Paisley, a Valley native, understands the culture of our small part of the world. We're very excited to see what he'll contribute to this organization. We hope that our readers will stay loyal and remember: NOTHING CAN REPLACE BRAD.

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