Friday, November 6, 2015

AEP Introduces TV Network

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A spokesperson for American Electric Power said that the Ohio Valley can expect to receive programming from AEPTV, a new TV network that will provide a new form of entertainment to local homes.

"It was sort of inspired by 'Big Brother'," said Sheila Wodolosovosovich, spokesperson for AEP Ohio. "It puts live CCTV footage from our power plants right into your living room!"

Wodolosovosovich said that while surveillance footage is normally incredibly boring, AEPTV will offer tense action and gripping storylines.

"There's a ton of drama in our plants," she said. "You get to witness our employees try to avoid fatal accidents, explosions and structural failures."

The network's lineup includes a large collection of children's shows as well, which the company hopes will help kids cope with everyday issues.

"In one show there's an episode where we teach kids about eminent domain," said Nick Akins, CEO of AEP. "Hopefully it will explain to kids why their grandfather won't stop crying. We have to tear down the house that he built with his bare hands if we want power lines to reach the new shopping mall in town."

In a cartoon titled Alfie the AEP Alligator, the title character explains to AEP children the concept of divorce by violently devouring people.

"An alligator has to eat in order to survive," Akins said. "In the same spirit, we need our employees to spend their time at work, not at home, if we are to provide sufficient power to the buckeye state."

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