Thursday, February 18, 2016

57th Teen Arrested In Movie Theater Shooting

STEUBENVILLE -- The arrests just keep piling up. Investigators say that they have arrested yet another 13-year-old from Wintersville in connection to a shots fired incident outside Carmike Cinemas at Fort Steuben Mall. The shooting occurred Saturday night.

Assistant prosecutor Sam Pate said that it was only a matter of time before the 58th arrest is made.

"We believe there may have been up to 76 teens involved," Pate said. "Each one of them had a different weapon. We believe the latest teen we arrested was carrying a GAU-19."

Movie theater employees said the small militia was asked to leave the premises after elderly moviegoers started feeling uncomfortable around young people.

This latest arrest also changes some of the charges that each teen is facing. Teen 36 is no longer facing charges of assault, but now faces two counts of attempted mischievous behavior.

Teen 23's charge of possession of marijuana is now being changed to possession of heroin.

Teen 48 is no longer facing concealed weapon charges, but now faces one count of domestic violence.

Teen 8 is now being charged with tax fraud.

Teen 1 is now being classified as Teen 3. Likewise, Teen 40 has been upgraded to Teen 2 while the former Teen 2 is now Teen 1.

Teens 13-24 and 32-37 were discovered to have brought their own soda into the theater, which is not a crime but Carmike Cinemas really wants you to know that.

While many around the Ohio Valley favor summary execution, others contend that the teens' 2nd Amendment rights are being violated.

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