Thursday, September 10, 2015

This Smart-Mouthed Wheeling Teen Got Exactly What She Deserved!

WHEELING - An incredibly disrespectful teenager, 18-year-old Kelsey Anderson, posted the status above on Facebook yesterday and the backlash was swift and severe. Anderson was referencing the World War II LST ship (pictured right) that passed through the Ohio Valley yesterday.

Anderson, a student at Wheeling Park High School, was reportedly beat up at school because of her status.

"We put Kelsey outside the front doors and let the children of soldiers beat the hell out of her," said principal Amy Minch. "Then we dumped salt from the cafeteria all over her and then expelled her. There's no place for that kind of behavior in my school."

Anderson's parents reacted to their daughter's behavior like any responsible parent should.

"Oh we threw that little disrespectful rat out of our house when we heard what she said," said Anderson's mother, Pamela. "We also froze her bank account and shut off her phone so she would experience what it would be like if nobody fought for her freedom."

When Anderson tried to check into a local homeless shelter, she was promptly escorted from the premises and publicly shamed.

"What she said was despicable," said Lorna Brown, the director of the shelter. "There are veterans that live here. What kind of message would we be sending to them if we let that... that person stay here?"

OVN was told that Anderson tried to seek forgiveness at Saint James Lutheran Church on Chapline St, but was turned away there as well.

"Jesus died for our sins," said the Rev. Deborah Gable. "But not that one. No, not that sin."

To the delight of many around the Ohio Valley, Kelsey Anderson was arrested this Thursday afternoon. Wheeling Police say that they will likely send her to Syria so she can see how she likes fighting in a war.

"That'll show her," said police chief Shawn Schwertfeger. "I hope she rots over there."

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