Wednesday, September 16, 2015

9 Things People Need to Quit Saying About the Ohio Valley

Let's face it, you've told someone that you're from somewhere in the Ohio Valley before. Then you always get the same stupid, ignorant replies. While these troglodytes mean well, they don't realize the emotional roller coaster they put you on. Here's a list of replies that need to stop.

1. "That's cool! I'm 1/2 Ohio Valley myself. My mom was born there."

2. "Oh I bet you eat a lot of rigatoni."

3. "Near Steubenville? I don't know where that is. Close to Wheeling? Where's that? Oh close to Pittsburgh? You're from Pennsylvania?"

4. "So is your last name Yoder or something?"

5. "Me too! I'm from Bellaire!"

6. "That's cool. I'm from Atlanta."

7. "Oh my god! Ew why? Get away from me you filthy inbred hillbilly scum!"

8. "I don't care! Stop following me around! I'm not interested in you! Can't you take a hint? I'm calling the police!"

9. "I'm from a small town too. Lancaster. It's south of Columbus."

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