Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Local Student's Homemade AK-47 Wins Science Fair

BEALLSVILLE - The annual Switzerland of Ohio science fair has concluded, and the winner of this year's grand prize is Beallsville's Barney Schwartz. Schwartz built a custom AK-47 assault rifle using parts from broken video game systems and kitchen utensils.

"It's a masterpiece," said superintendent John Hall, who served as the head judge. "He put accessories on that gun that I've never seen on modern weaponry."

Schwartz's AK-47 features a retractable bayonet, holographic sights with x-ray vision, an elastic barrel that can shoot around corners, another barrel that shoots enemies behind you, a fingerprint detector on the trigger, and an IR blaster so the gun can be used as a remote control.

"I used a ton of parts from my old Xbox 360 controller," Schwartz told Ohio Valley News. "So it has the entire auto-aim system from Call of Duty built in."

Schwartz said that he wasn't even going to enter his gun in the fair until his English teacher recommended it.

"He brought it to class to show me one day," said the teacher, Ncvltrd Prctrsdf. "It was way better than the time bomb that he brought in to get approved."

Second place was awarded to second-grader Madison Delaney, who invented a blender that ferments smoothies. Schwartz will receive a scholarship and his own parking spot at the Riesbeck's in Woodsfield. Delaney won a $100 Itunes gift card.

Only two other students entered the contest, and they each received a $10 gas card. Lewis Reindeer invented a cup that desalinates ocean water. Peyton Tweed discovered the cure for leukemia.

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