Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Robert Murray Joins ISIS

ST CLAIRSVILLE - Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray announced on Fox News this morning that he is moving his company to Syria so he can join the Islamic State.

"I hate Barack Obama," Murray told Fox's Neil Cavuto. "The caliphate is the only entity that is doing anything about him. That's important to me. Also, I respect their disregard for basic human rights."

Murray also said that all current employees will be forced to relocate to Iraq and Syria.

"I need employees that I know I can trust," Murray said. "They'll all have to convert to Islam though."

The Islamic State's laws require non-Muslims to pay a tax or face execution.

"Taxes are a fate worse than death," Murray continued. "If giving up my beliefs while forcing my subordinates to do the same, instigating genocide, committing treason, enforcing Sharia law and executing women and children is what it takes to avoid paying the IRS, then I'm with al-Baghdadi. Allahu Akbar."

Several notable people from around the Ohio Valley took to Facebook to share their thoughts.

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